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Colt Model New Army And Navy 1889 Cal 41 Lc: Antique statut, nice Colt model 1889 New army and navy, cal 41 Lc, maked in 1892. Very good timing and index perfect. Barrel with goods rifles and some pitting (normal for a black powder handgun of this age).Come with 25 reloaded ammos (with a copy of your PAL)Paiement by COD,Pay Pal or EMT. C$1750.00 10d 01h 11m
French Model 1874, 11mm: Very nice and hard to find Manufacture d'Armes St-Etienne with out marking, model 1874 for the officer assistant. Caliber 11 mm. The gun are in excellent condition but the cylinder pin are not original. C$1750.00 10d 01h 21m
Spencer Rifle: Hard to find. Spencer rifle with very good bore, with good rifling and no rust. Probably 56 spencer rime fire but I not sure of caliber. Because one bad storage the out side of rifle have many rust stains ,look picture.Paiement by EMT or Paypal, shipping by canada post with tracking number. C$1575.00 10d 01h 25m
Smith Wesson Top Break No3 Double Action: Smith Wesson model Top Break No3, double action, 44 Russian. This revolver don't have any mark on the barrel but it's a real Smith Wesson, not a copy. Come with the RCMP letter. Barrel have some pitings and the gun had be reblued. Good mecanical and he shoot very well. Shipped with 25 new brass (Starline). Paiement by EMT or PayPal. Shipped by Canada Post with tracking number. C$1975.00 10d 01h 32m
French Model 1873, 45 AR: Very nice antique statut revolver maked by Manufacture D'Armes de St-Etienne for the French army in 1882. Parkerised. Cal. 45 Auto rim. Very good mechanical in single or double action (solid with perfect timing). Come with 25 new Buffalo brass or 25 ammos with a copy of your PAL. Paiement by Paypal, EMT or COD. Shipping by Canada Post with tracking number.I'm member of SOCAQ, so you can buy with confidence. C$1650.00 10d 01h 36m


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