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43 Mauser Collector Cartridges: For the collector is a few 43 Mauser cartridges. Sandau, Eurfurt . $ 9.00 each. The Dominion shot shells are $ 15.00 each plus sh.. If you need more info or pics email me. C$15.00 03d 14h 23m
SPENCER 56-46 RIMFIRE: Looking for a Spencer 56-46 rimfier shot load wood pouch. need price & pics. C$0.00 03d 14h 23m
55 CAL. BOYS : Looking for a 50 cal. boys rds. Ball rd purple annuvls Mark 1 practice blue band above belt Mark11 same as above. Drill rd corrugated red flutes. lyroy8(at) C$0.00 05d 14h 25m


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