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30 Caliber Bullets And 30-06 Cases: Lot of 30 caliber bullets, most new in original and complete box. Nosler Ballistic Tip in 180, Nosler Accubond in 150 165 180 and 200, Nosler Partition in 200 and 220, Swift Scirocco II in 165, Swift A-Frame in 165 and 200, Barnes TSX in 130, Barnes TTSX in 130 150 165 and 180, Barnes LRX in 200, Hornady SP in 130, Hornady Interbond in 165, Sierra GameKing in 165 and 200, Sierra ProHunter in 220, Woodleigh Weldcore in 240, Berger VLD in 168, Remington Bronze Point in 180 Also 30-06 cases, 100 new, many once fired and more times fired. Can sell in parts. Write for individual parts prices. Feel free to make your offer. C$950.00 04d 10h 57m
1 lb. Container of Alliant Red Dot Powder: I have 2 containers of Red Dot powder for sale (1 lb. each). They have never been opened. I bought the wrong powder & it can't be returned. C$90.00 23d 10h 29m

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