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Squires Bingham M22: Good condition, 15 round mag never jams. Needs some attention to the spring stock mechanism. Buyer pays shipping. C$260.00 23h 23m 14s
Ruger Mini-14 : Ruger Mini-14 'AR' semi-auto rifle shoots both the 5.56 and the .223 caliber.Has been out of the box couple of time.Rifle has 2 extra mags.The Mini-14 is a gun to own compared to other rifles.Package comes with 2 extra high capacity mags.This rifle is almost new in box. Gun comes as seen in image. C$700.00 01d 13h 24m
M1 Carbine Parts: Looking to buy some G.I. m1 carbine complete or parts. Barrels, Receivers, Trigger housing, Bolts, Slides, Small parts or complete gun. C$0.00 05d 09h 52m
M1 Carbine: Looking to buy a G.I. M1 crbine. Need to know maker, price & condition. C$0.00 05d 09h 52m


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