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M1 Carbine: Looking to buy a G.I. M1 crbine. Need to know maker, price & condition. lyroy8 at C$0.00 02d 12h 28m
Mauser 1871: Looking to buy a Model 1871 in 43 cal. complete or parts. lyroy8 at C$0.00 02d 12h 29m
M1 Carbine Parts: Looking to buy some G.I. m1 carbine complete or parts. Barrels, Receivers, Trigger housing, Bolts, Slides, Small parts or complete gun. lyroy8 at C$0.00 09d 02h 53m
Rossi Ranch Hand .45 Colt: Rossi Ranch Hand, .45 Colt, manual included. Only fired 2 boxes of shells through it. C$260.00 09d 18h 49m
Winchester Model 94, 30-30: 1953 Winchester Model 94, 30-30, bullhorn sight smooth action, shoots straight. C$200.00 09d 19h 36m
M1 Garand, Harrington & Richardson, .30-06: M1 Garand, H&R, .30-06, smooth action, shoots straight, stock is a little marked up. Was told it was from the Korean War. Comes with 9 bandoliers. C$700.00 09d 19h 48m
M1 Carbine IR Power Pack: Looking to buy a M1 M3 carbine infrared power pack for The sniper scope. lyroy8 at C$0.00 15d 03h 15m
1918 SMLE Canadian Marked: This is a very nice, well preserved Canadian issue from WWI in original condition. Provide email for more info and pictures. C$1400.00 19d 21h 15m
1942 Lee Enfield No. 4 Savage Mk. 1, 2 : Mftd in early 1942, as part of their British contract. FTRd in 1950, and upgraded to Mk. 2. Appears as though it has been in storage and unused since 1950. All original matching ser. numbers, 5 groove barrel extremely shiny. Has two very scarce and desirable features. First of all it was a Mk. I Savage (rather than a Mk. I star which most of them are), and secondly it was arsenal re-conditioned and upgraded to the improved Mk. 2 pattern. Send email for more pictures. C$1100.00 19d 21h 15m
1905 SMLE ConD II Star DP: A conversion from a Lee Metford Mk. II made by London Small Arms Co. in 1893. In 1905 it was converted at Enfield to the SMLE Mk. I pattern. After March, 1906, it was upgraded to Mk. II star. Then sometime, probably before WWI, it was downgraded to Drill Purpose classification. C$1200.00 19d 21h 15m

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