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Russian Viking For Sale. 6 Mags: Nice Russian Viking for sale. comes with 6 mags(same serial number) C$600.00 02d 20h 06m
Norinco NP34 New In Box: Nice Norinco NP34 new in box(NIB) for sale. C$350.00 02d 20h 06m
Norinco 1911 Sport Model New In Box: Nice Norinco 1911 sport model still in plastic bag sealed. C$350.00 02d 20h 06m
High Power .HP45 .45acp: NIB HP 45 with additional sight and mag. C$300.00 02d 20h 07m
Russian Viking New In Box For Sale: Nice Viking for sale. New in box with two mags. C$500.00 02d 20h 07m
Norinco NP 40 NIB: Nice Norinco NP40 NIB for sale. .40SW cal C$350.00 02d 20h 07m
Norinco Type 54-1 With Holstler: Exc norinco type 54-1 for sale. holster and original box. 2 mags. 7.62 x 25 and 9mm x 19 exchangable. C$230.00 02d 20h 08m
Norinco NP17 NIB: nice NP17 for sale. NIB C$250.00 02d 20h 08m
Norinco M77b Box Hostler 2 Mags: NIB Norinco M77B with hostler and 2 mags. C$300.00 02d 20h 09m
Norinco 1911A1 Compact Model: Exc Norinco 1911A1 compact model in box for sale. C$350.00 02d 20h 10m
Norinco Type 54-1 Plus Hostler And 2 Mags: Exc Norinco 54-1 plus hostler and 2 mags for sale. original box available. ammo available for local pick up also. C$230.00 02d 20h 10m
S & W model 17-3 Revolver: Used but in real nice shape. Aftermarket grips. C$450.00 03d 08h 00m
Colt 1911 Canadian: colt model 1945 Canadian from the War of 1914-18, very good condition. Good luck. shipping paid by the purchaser C$3100.00 10d 21h 25m
Colt 1911 English: colt 1911 model cal. 455 excellent condition from the War of 1914-18. C$3200.00 10d 21h 30m
1902 Colt: 1902 military pistol. very rare cal, 38 auto C$1900.00 10d 21h 31m
Grand Power 9mm: Offered is a Yugoslavian made Grand Power Standard model 9mm Semiauto pistol. Comes with two mags. Must have valid PAL with restricted permit . Buyer pays shipping. C$525.00 20d 10h 59m
Renaissance Browning Baby 25 Acp: from the estate of Stephen B Roman ,he is the guy who built the large cathedral in the town of markham ontario(catholic), 1965 vintage, original pistol,more pics if needed $1200 . very rare model ,.made in belgium. these are selling for $2600 in the US.fully engraved on both sides. C$1200.00 23d 12h 30m
MAB Model D: Very nice handgun. Semi-automatic. Cal. 7.65, Ser. 23063 barrel length 102mm. Appropriate certificates and licences required. Shipping extra. C$125.00 26d 20h 49m

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